Obviously the whole wallet-keys-cellphone party is happening in my bag at any given moment. Here's the list of things I could probably do without. What's in your wallet?
  1. Sewing kit
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    I've used it once. A coworker pointed out a hole in a shirt I probably bought at an urban outfitters in college, so I promptly patched it in the bathroom stall.
  2. Spare contact lenses
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    I'm -4.00 and -3.50 with a wacky astigmatism. If I lose a contact, I'm blind.
  3. "No fucks given" business cards
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    For use in conversations that just need to end, I have a stack of business cards that have "no fucks given" printed on them. Don't worry, the raised writing would give Patrick Bateman a heart attack.
  4. Two pens with stylus tips
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    Because you never know when you have to get creative with snapchat.
  5. Cough drops
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    It looks like I'm channeling my inner grandma when I'm pulling these babies out, but I find them to be really comforting when I'm anxious.
  6. Zomig 2.5mg tablets
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    Do you have migraines? I have migraines. They are the worst. They feel like someone is stabbing your neck with a fucking ice pick while simultaneously blinding you. This is the only medication I've ever taken that can make them go away.
  7. Condoms
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    For someone who has been on birth control for the better part of two decades, I get that there are scarier things than being pregnant.
  8. Mini toothbrush and toothpaste
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    See also: condoms.
  9. Baby wipes
    See also: condoms.
  10. Tea tree blotting paper
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    My nose gets shiny as fuck and sometimes I get too vain for my own good.
  11. Rewards card for every froyo store
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    Pinkberry? Menchies? Yogurtland? Yeah, I'm covered.
  12. Business cards for my tattoo artist, mechanic, and hair dresser
    I will have unsolicited conversations with strangers about these people, and I carry their cards to try to give them more business. I trust them more than I trust most of my family.