For @zoe . Because you asked. And because this is a really cool cooking trick everyone should know and do.
  1. Green vegetables tend to be huge and take up half your refrigerator. Blanched, they condense to a fraction of that volume.
  2. Not only is shelf space halved, shelf life is doubled.
  3. Today's blanched vegetables are tomorrow's almost-instant side dish. Because they are mostly cooked, they are now just a quick ride thru some garlicky olive oil away from your dinner.
  4. Once blanched, can freeze. Stock up for a time when you'll have less time. Also, streamline your shopping.
  5. Can blanch large, then chop. Goes more quickly than chopping raw. Nice plan for people who don't love cutting vegetables.
  6. ? Blanching is simply flash-boiling. Drop vegetables (whole or cut) into simmering water for up to minute, longer for hard veg, shorter for leaves (delightfully imprecise). Have colander on plate next to stove. Scoop veg into colander, drain well, wrap, refrigerate.
  7. That is all. You have now Blanched.