Don't fret! Some bloopers are salvageable.
  1. Popovers that popped under.
    Still tasty.
  2. Omelet that didn't quite.
    Scrambled eggs.
  3. The delicious thing you just cooked stuck seriously to the pan.
    Cook the next thing in the same pan without cleaning it in between. Or deglaze by adding stock or balsamic, scraping in all the stuck bits and it will be an awesome sauce (2 words).
  4. A dirty oven...
    ...can impart a mysterious haze of smoky flavor to fresh-baked bread or potatoes.
  5. Overcooked vegetables.
    Mash them, like potatoes, and call it "a Mash."
  6. Undercooked vegetables.
    Toss with salad dressing and call them "vinaigrette-kissed."
  7. Imploded baked eggplant (you forgot about it and the skin blackened and started falling off).
    Flake off the rest of the skin and mash the smoky, heavenly results w lemon juice, garlic, s&p
  8. Boring results.
    Sparkle up w a slash of acid (lemon or lime juice, vinegar). And/or drizzle a very good olive oil or nut oil.
  9. I'm sure I've forgotten something.
  10. Further: mushy rice...
    Rice pudding. Sweeten, add vanilla and a little cinnamon. Maybe mix in some cream or Greek yogurt.
  11. Burnt-on-bottom cookies can be...
    ...gently grated to get the burnt part off. Or just serve them to someone who loves burnt cookies.
  12. Lumpy or uneven cake.
    Frost and cover with flaked or shredded coconut, the best disguiser of pastry mistakes.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  13. Broken mayonnaise.
    Place a teaspoon of water into another bowl and then add the broken mayonnaise drop by drop into the water while whisking. Once you have incorporated all of the mayonnaise, it should be fixed. But if that doesn't work, add more lemon juice, garlic, and a bit of anchovy paste and make Caesar salad dressing.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  14. Butter turned brown in the pan while you were just trying to melt it.
    This is great!! Brown butter makes everything better anyway.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  15. Overbaked cookies
    Chop them coarsest. Use them as a crumble over ice cream.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  16. Uneven cake
    Use a long serrated bread knife and "level" it out by cutting off the uneven part. Then crumble the uneven part and use it as decoration on the side of the frosted cake. Or just eat it (Chef's Treat!).
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  17. Nearly any overdone baked good
    Bread pudding!
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  18. Overcooked beans
    Hummus or bean dip.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  19. Jam or preserved that don't set.
    Fruit sauce for waffles, pancakes, ice cream sundae or a glaze over a piece of protein like ham or pork.
    Suggested by @eatthelove