"Mindful eating" is a well-meaning but tired phrase. Another way to look at it: You can eat a lot less w/o giving up the foods you love. Just slow way down and pay attention to every bite.
  1. Be Alice.
    Let your food seem large while you become very small.
  2. Observe!
    Behold your plate of dinner. Take it in visually, and let the aroma reach you before you pick up your fork.
  3. Feel!
    Make note of the texture as you take your first bite.
  4. Chew!
    Let the deliciousness sink in sensually as you chew. Really use your teeth; this is what they are for.
  5. Taste!
    More sinking in of deliciousness. Every bite is a universe; let each be a momentary miracle.
  6. Make it last!
    Put down your fork every few bites and think about the glory of what you just put in your mouth before you move on. Remember that no one ever binges slowly.
  7. Reflect.
    Savor the flavor that remains after you've swallowed. Allow the sensual gift of feeling your body literally getting fed. Create immediate (and lasting) taste memory while dinner is still in progress.
  8. Commentary
    It takes, on average, 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that you've eaten something. In a normal state, you'd still be forking it in during that time. But if you slow down and give your brain time, 20 minutes from now it might be saying, "Thanks, pal - that's plenty." And you'll feel satisfied having eaten less, because you will have enjoyed it so much more. 🙌