Counterintuitive Diet Advice, Part 4: Eat Emotionally

People refer to emotional eating as if it's a bad thing. So not! If you allow a delicious experience to make you happy, that's one of the beauties of life. The key word is "allow."
  1. Be unabashedly in love with whatever you're eating at this moment.
    This is the entire point.
  2. If you don't love it, don't eat it.
    Don't just shovel it in because it happens to be there and you have nothing else to do. The food doesn't need you to eat it. If you're on automatic sad pilot/bored/lonely, see next point.
  3. Take further stock of this moment.
    Sometimes we think we're craving food when we're tired or thirsty - but what we really need is a big glass of water (or lemonade ☺️) and/or a little nap. Try those things first. If you eat instead, your emotional hunger won't be sated, because these other things are prerequisite considerations.
  4. Identify what you're feeling before you take a bite.
    If you're aiming to soothe a sadness or anxiety, okay to eat, but count to 30 slowly first. Breathe. Acknowledge painful state of mind. Offer yourself sympathy & understanding. Bless the food you're about to eat. Proceed w respect, both for yourself and for the food. Then, let it be delicious and let it cheer you.
  5. Slow down and pay attention.
    Building on previous point, taste every deliberate and delicious mouthful. Keep your eating context focused and peaceful.
  6. Turn off your inner critic.
    If you hear a voice yelling at you when you're reaching for chocolate, respectfully tell it to take a hike. Bitch voice will return; send it packing again. Might need repeating, but you're changing a brain habit here. Takes time.
  7. Enjoy 🍒 enjoy 🍉 enjoy🍪!
    A new positive message loop! Free of charge.
  8. Now go out and do something else.
    Done? (You'll know when.) Say grace/express gratitude, and put the food away. Take the joy with you.
  9. See also Counterintuitive Diet Advice, Part 2: Eat Like You're Stoned