I like to keep lightly fueled all day long, especially when roaming around. This leaves options if good food opportunities present themselves, but wards off temptation to grab something-anything if sudden hunger hits. Really, "something-anything" should always be avoided. My regulars include:
  1. A handful or two of roasted walnuts
  2. Possibly some dried fruit in w the walnuts
  3. Pieces of semisweet chocolate
  4. Little packet of whole grain crackers
  5. Little pack of grapes or sliced apple
  6. Sometimes a little bag of sliced cheddar
  7. Water bottle (stainless steel one that I fill at home)
  8. Commentary: I have never ever regretted doing this; always been glad.
    It's so worth the extra thought/work and the slight schlep factor. Especially good (life-saving, even) on airplanes.
  9. Converse commentary: I have 💯 regretted forgetting to do this the few times I spaced it out.
    As in active regret. 😭
  10. You might want to start doing this too. With your own selections, of course.
    Further thoughts re: this are on my list "Counterintuitive Diet Advice, Part 3: Eat Between Meals" Counterintuitive Diet Advice, Part 3: Eat Between Meals