Remembering my first experiences of sheer, inarticulate taste ecstasy. All from 10 years old or younger.
  1. Mashed potatoes w gravy.
    I made a well and let the gravy sit there for awhile, then watched it dribble down the sides. One bite, and the earth shifted.
  2. Cinnamon toast made by my grandma Minnie.
    She cut it into three strips instead of in half. I felt this had meaning.
  3. Spaghetti w just butter for dinner.
    Courtesy my mother's cousin Edith. This was the only thing she knew how to cook (recessive gene). We didn't care.
  4. Cole slaw w purple cabbage at Don & Bob's in Rochester, NY.
    Purple cabbage!
  5. Lamb chops w bright green mint jelly.
    More accurately, bright green mint jelly on top of this other thing that gave it legitimacy.
  6. Eleanor Jones' chocolate cake made w mayonnaise (!)
    Mrs. Jones baked this cake in a lamb mold. (What was it with the lambs?) It was moist beyond belief, baked just long enough to be called cake instead of batter. I think I could not speak for an entire day.
  7. Howard Johnson's mocha chip ice cream.
    More speechlessness. God was finding me.
  8. Matzoh w sweet butter and salt. And strawberry jam.
    Passover was the only time we had butter instead of margarine. I thought it was a Jewish thing. Also, brilliant.
  9. Strawberries.
    Especially the kind w stems from the weekly public market in June. Deep red, slight crunch. Temporarily useless 6 year old girl...
  10. Minute rice and frozen/cooked French-cut green beans mixed together.
    Vegetarian casserole, foreshadowed.