It's easy to overlook the non-feast meals, like plain old breakfast, during the holiday season. Fancying up a bowl of oatmeal is an inexpensive, easy, fun way to keep the spirit (and you) going. Here are my 5 favorite oatmeal treatments. (Keep in mind that oatmeal can be cooked ahead and reheated easily in a microwave - very user-friendly💐)
  1. Chai Oatmeal
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    ...rolled oats simmered in milk that's been infused w Chai spices. Especially nice if topped w pistachios.
  2. Chocolate-Almond Oatmeal
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    Melt on some chunks or pieces of dark chocolate (or semisweet chocolate chips) and sprinkle w chopped toasted almonds. Almond milk or half&half both go well.
  3. Coconut-Ginger-Walnut-Apple-Date Oatmeal
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    Pile on toasted coconut, coconut sugar (if you have), sliced crystallized ginger, grated apple, chopped walnuts, strips of date. Coconut milk is a nice touch ✨✨✨
  4. Blueberry Oatmeal
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    Dot all over w blueberries (fresh or frozen/defrosted and/or dried). The color will seep beautifully and cheer will ensue.
  5. Hot Toddy Oatmeal
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    For when you need something soothing at midnight+ ... Honey, lemon, big splash of bourbon, possible touch of cream. 👌