And you can, too. (Except maybe in cases where the author says you must or die. Cross that bridge when you come to it.)
  1. Salt eggplant
    Haven't done this in decades. All hell has not broken loose.
  2. Sift flour
    But do weigh it, if the instructions are in weight. For which you'll need a scale, which I highly recommend.
  3. Rinse rice
    Many chefs do this (and I know one who even rinses for risotto). But I pretty much never do, and things come out just fine. However, do rinse quinoa to get rid of its natural bitter coating.
  4. Plump raisins
    No one will know if you did or didn't by the time the whole dish comes together.
  5. Lemonize cut artichokes before cooking
    Why would you? Their color will naturally turn dull when they cook anyway, and if it's for flavor, just as good (also pretty) to serve them with lemon wedges. (This step has always struck me as fussy.)
  6. Ice-water-bathe freshly blanched vegetables
    Much simpler to just run them under cold tap water to arrest the cooking.
  7. Add oil to pasta-cooking water
    Except maybe when precooking lasagna noodles, so they won't glue themselves together. Otherwise, nah.
  8. Cut together fat and flour by hand for pie crust
    Food processor w steel blade works just great and is 10 times faster and easier.
  9. Wash mushrooms or strawberries
    Just wipe clean with damp paper towels. Otherwise, they'll absorb water and flavor will become dilute.
  10. Use stock for soup
    Unless the recipe specifically indicates that stock is essential, water very often works fine. Simpler and cheaper.