After decades of inadvertent collecting, I decided to donate my tonnage (485 volumes before I lost count) of cookbooks to the Berkeley Public Library. The ones I couldn't/wouldn't part with include:
  1. Joy of Cooking (original)
  2. Mastering the Art of French Cooking
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    Signed to me by Julia herself!
  3. On Food and Cooking (Harold McGee)
    Best how/why reference at all, anywhere, ever.
  4. The Tassajara Bread Book
    My first cookbook. Hippie classic by Ed Brown. BPL will have to pry my tattered copy from my cold, dead hands.
  5. Mediterranean Grains and Greens by Paula Wolfert
    Plus everything else by the unparalleled PaulaW.
  6. The Greens Cookbook
    Plus everything else by Deborah Madison.
  7. The Art of Simple Food
    Just this one, from AliceW. Plus the Vegetables one. Not so much the others.
  8. The Zuni Cafe Cookbook
    By the late, great Judy Rodgers. Huge influence on many of us, but she never blew her own horn. So missed!
  9. The Vegetarian Table
    Gorgeous now out-of-print series from Chronicle. Worth finding.
  10. China Moon Cookbook
    By the brilliant Barbara Tropp, who was taken from us too soon.
  11. The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews
    Recipes + Memoir of a Vanished Way of Life, by Edda Servi Machlan. Probably out of print; well worth a search.
  12. Silver Palate Cookbook
    The original, by Rosso & Lukins.
  13. The Vegetarian Feast
    First edition of one of the ground breakers, by a very young (and cute) Martha Rose Shulman. (Hi pal!)
  14. Cookwise
    Science and dryly humorous high intelligence from the inimitable Shirley Corriher.
  15. The Vegetarian Epicure
    By my friend and mentor, Anna Thomas.
  16. The Splendid Table
    Northern Italian heartland classic by Lynn Rossetti Kasper. One of the first Italian regional missives.
  17. World of the East Vegetarian Cooking
    Quiet magnificence from Renaissance woman Madhur Jaffrey.
  18. Bringing up the rear (I thought this list would be shorter...)
    Holding on to anything by the vastly under-discovered Michele Anna Jordan, plus, of course, @gabimoskowitz 👭and a couple other wonderful blogger pals who are branching into books. Cheering you on! Oh, and I kept copies of my own, too.