The ways our brain and spirit work (separately and collaboratively) remain largely mysterious. But there is some science, much of which points to delicious food as a part of the happiness prescription. My esteemed friend, Rebecca Katz, just published The Healthy Mind Cookbook, in which she recommends that we eat more:
  1. Chocolate 🍫
    Most delicious endorphin delivery system (pleasure🔺wellbeing 🔼 mood 😀alertness💡love🌺libido💋) Most effective when dark and deep (70% or higher cacao).
  2. Pumpkin seeds 🎃
    Nature's most miniature antidepressant (next to a snowflake❄️) - they contain GABA, a chemical that fights stress in the brain.
  3. Cashews 🌸
    Great source of 2 brain-boosting minerals: zinc (some depression caused by inadequate levels) and magnesium (regulates sleep).
  4. Coconut milk🌰
    Filled w medium-chain triglycerides, thiamin, and vitamin C, all of which maintain memory and ⬆️mood.
  5. Avocado🌳
    Silky smooth, sensuous, healthy fats are mood boosters, and they also fight inflammation (a main ingredient in Bummerdom). So...avo toast, people. Right now.
  6. Citrus 🍊🍋
    Vitamin C lift spirits; vitamin A improves learning skills and brain elasticity. Boatloads (or at least a fruitload) of both are at your service in oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes.
  7. Pomegranates🌹
    Unusually high levels of the antioxidant polyphenols, plus vitamin C, will take you up a few flights. 🌈 Plus, so gratifying.
  8. Quinoa🍴
    This tiny, ancient Andean seed is an excellent source of zinc (hard to get in Western diets), which helps keep memory strong and staves off 😔.
  9. Sardines 🐟
    Prozac in a can. Loaded w brain-enhancing Vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly ward off depression. Niacin is also part of the package, possibly increasing mental energy. If sardines are a no-go, anchovies also good. If ix-nay here too, tuna is no slouch. Fewer fatty acids, but still very good for your mood.
  10. Red berries 🍓
    Recent study found that people who ate a lot of raspberries &/or strawberries maintained cognitive function 2 years longer than non-red berry eaters. Vitamin C for 👍, plus other vites, including folate. Strawbs also have magnesium (memory, sleep). Yay.
  11. Cauliflower 🍥
    Antioxidant vitamin C = good for spirits & brain health; vitamin K = a plan for sharpness; folate brings better cognitive function. Plus...cauliflower.
  12. Pizza herbs!🍕🌿
    Oregano: Vitamin K galore, therefore happy, sharp brain. Thyme: vitamins A and C, leading to overall boosted existence. Both also deliver iron, another friend of cognition. Bonus: the presence of garlic enhances metabolism of the iron, leading to theological considerations. Could pizza be part of God's plan?