From the other end of the generational spectrum...
  1. Golden Girls
    So much fun, especially watching w Grandma, who declared, "These broads are just killing it."
  2. Boy Meets World
    Mr. Feeny was everything. 🙌
  3. Will & Grace
    So cool to watch as a family w an emerging gay son.
  4. I'll Fly Away
    Wonderful series from the 90s starring Sam Waterston and Regina Taylor. Never found a big audience, but it found us.
  5. Princess Bride
    I know - not exactly a show, but we watched the movie together probably weekly. My kids memorized more from this script than from all their years of Hebrew School combined.
  6. (And what we watch/have watched together in recent years, long-distance):
  7. GoT
  8. OITNB
  9. Friday Night Lights
  10. Friends
  11. Boy Meets World forever
    Mr. Feeny!