Eating delicious things - especially when you are paying attention, tasting, enjoying - can be deeply soothing. You know that. But if you're eating to quench an existential rather than literal hunger, quenching won't happen. Call that hunger by its true name, and you'll be on the path to better clarity.
  1. General Always-Lurking Loneliness Hunger
    Food won't touch this, but can be a nice little distraction that takes the edge off for about 10 seconds. Breathe and find something to occupy your heart for a bit longer.
  2. Can't Access Your Creativity Hunger
    Maybe this banana holds the key? Um, no. It only delivers a soothing 2 minutes, max. Dig your mental potatoes instead, one modest step at a time.
  3. Heartbreak Hunger
    Crushing disappointment is the shape of any and every piece of chocolate. And morphs into the shape of Everything. Take mental notes and keep track when the shape expands and shifts.
  4. Rejection Hunger
    Leaves one feeling cavernous. Hard to contain that empty space, but all the food in the world won't fill it.
  5. Grief Hunger
    Some soup, yes. Bread and butter, good. Time and love, best.
  6. Boredom Hunger
    Meh-ness is a trap door sometimes. Just be aware.
  7. Procrastination Hunger
    Do the doing thing now. Eat the eating thing when the doing thing is done.
  8. Physical-Fatigue Hunger
    Rest first, then see if you're still hungry.
  9. Life-Fatigue Hunger
    General dejectedness invites a big plate of spaghetti. Enjoy while you extend the invitation to more humor and perspective daily.
  10. Soul Hunger
    Aka WTF Hunger. Looking for meaning in the refrigerator? Look for it in the sky instead. Also? Find a good meditation app...
  11. Need to Sleep But Think You Need To Eat Hunger
    Have your milk & cookies, then back to counting 🐏🐏🐏.
  12. Thirsty, Not Hungry, but Think it's Hunger Hunger
    Drink first, then see if you're still hungry. So often, we construe thirst as appetite. Not the same at all.
  13. Bottled-Up Anger Hunger
    Run a mile or make a huge scribble painting or yell into your pillow or take a boxing lesson. By then you'll have worked up a big (and real) appetite. Protein!
  14. Can't Fix the World so Might as Well Eat Hunger
    Better yet, get thee to a soup kitchen and be of service.
  15. Foiled Passion Hunger
    Find something to pour yourself into, rather than something to pour into yourself.