little things that make me smile & make me ok with being alive
  1. My dog
    My dog, Tukker, is my fav thing in the world.
  2. Black coffee
    I love it and it makes me happy when someone remembers that I only drink black coffee.
  3. surprising Ings with coffee and/or food
    Usually it's coffee but sometimes it's chipotle. I feel so much better when I make someone else smile. I also do this when I'm having trouble with life. she knows that when I can't take care of myself, I tend to obsessively take care of other people.
  4. My small, first year Talon Times fam
    shoutout to Anj, Molly, Sam G, Evan, Anees, and Gav.
  5. spending time with Ings
    since she's like my mom, I feel at home when I hang out with her. Our little conversations, good or bad, make me feel loved. Like someone actually cares that I'm alive and would suffer if something happened to me. I always tell her that I love her after every conversation, argument, or screaming match so she knows that I'm super thankful to have her.
  6. Spending time in the English office at school
    so many great conversations happen in there. it's just an amazing place to be.