I've heard/seen horror stories with first year roommates, but mine were amazing so I'm here to brag @d33rmngr @abbieward
  1. Firsts
    Like a high school boyfriend but less heartbreaking. Our first college test, college party, college breakdown, college hookup - we got to share it all together in a teeny tiny room
  2. Study buddy
    Whether we wanted it or not we were (and are) always tutoring each other
  3. Food
    Luckily we all have loving parents who send us food and luckily we love each other and share the delicousness
  4. Memories
    Drunk nights with them are full of "remember when" and that is the best, especially as undergrad comes to a close
  5. Positive reinforcement
    No matter what it is, if you ask my two first year roomies, they will tell you that I can do it, I will do it, and they will love me while I do it
  6. Negative reinforcement
    If any of us should not do that thing, take that call, or base a decision on something silly - we will tell one another, without shame and with attitude
  7. Group message
    Whether it is what did you get on that question, did you see those new shoes, or I'm outside let me in, it's always full of sass and emojis
  8. Personal diary
    Yes we will complain about things not worth complaining about, but only to each other (that makes it okay, right?)
  9. In it for the long haul
    We are all going to go our separate ways for our future endeavors, but I don't doubt that these are two people I will never lose touch with. We became friends so fast and nothing really compares to a friendship like this 👭