Great suggestion from @Nicholas. Key word here is: rarely. Of course, there are things that are never worth it, like: holding on to the idea of "The One That Got Away", toning down your quirkiness and movie theater concessions.
  1. Going to an authentic Mexican restaurant
    Sure it's delicious in the moment but, the definition of "rarely worth it" in the end
  2. Commenting on your high school acquaintance's ignorant political social media post
  3. Taking 63827 hours to create the perfect playlist for an event
    No one else actively notices and with each passing perfectly placed song you increasingly get annoyed that people are still talking and not listening intently to the background music
  4. Stressing out about/obsessing over people you don't really like anyways
  5. Getting sugarfree/fat free versions of most foods
  6. Trendy haircuts
    Half-shaved head will look cool for a few hours in the right location, but often will be looked back on with regret
  7. Travel insurance
    Idk? Do people get this?
  8. Keeping up with the Kardashians