1. yummy
    I've never liked this word. no reason why.
    listen, I like Broad City just as much as the next person but Ilana owns this phrase like Steve Carrell owns "that's what she said."
  3. on fleek
    can anyone say this with a straight face or say it and still be taken seriously? has anyone ever said it unironically?
  4. Basic.
    As in, "she's so basic." I know these girls exist. I've seen many of them. they don't need anymore attention.
  5. amaze balls
    it doesn't even make sense.
  6. adulting
    just no, please.
  7. Mama
    mostly when one mother calls herself or another mother "mama." example: "you're such a good mama and you're doing a great job. hang in there!" When an actual child says it I have no problem with the word.
  8. bae
    it took me forever to really understand what this means and I may not still be 100% certain.