If by favorite you mean they have at least one whiskey and beer special with a name like "the pube" and are in walking distance of my home, here you go.
  1. The Library. Home of "the pube". Must not wash your hair for at least 3 days in order to be admitted.
  2. Cowgirl - killer margs...frito pie that actually comes in a bag of Fritos and a back room that's like stepping into Napoleon Dynamite's basement.
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  3. Ace Bar - the Sorry board game pieces have mostly all been replaced with things found on the bathroom floor. Last week my green piece was a dehydrated like wedge.
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  4. Mehanata. Swings instead of seats. No English speaking staff. Vodka cage with soviet costumes. Everything yes.
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  5. Luca Bar. DAS BOOT.
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  6. Greenwich Treehouse
  7. Black and White Bar