my first thoughts on my second day of list
  1. wait i can only find celebrities
  2. do i wanna connect my contacts? pffft
    no, i'm sorry, no
  3. choose a list heading
  4. okay, these are pretty funny
  5. i'll save this book titles one for later cause that'll take some time
  6. is this social media?
  7. am i being current?
  8. be cool
  9. lets write a list about how i've embarrassed myself online
  10. okay, this is taking a long time to write
  11. my arms are kinda aching already
    i have to get in shape next year. okay that won't happen but it's thought that counts.
  12. is this funny?
  13. no.
  14. am i meant to be?
  15. i guess it helps.
  16. okay done!
  17. do you wanna share this on facebook?
  18. oh, never
  19. well that wasn't that bad.
  20. kinda fun.
  21. ......
  22. what now?