my most recent social media (is this social media, it feels like it?) made me think about other internet ventures
  1. It began with me playing on girlsgogames and stardoll and watching cat videos on youtube
    the latter of which i still kinda love
  2. and then i found ClubPenguin
  3. and then my then-friend told me about her big brother having bebo, and she made me one
    my whole profile was bebo stickerz / stickers (?) was it spelt with a 'z'?
  4. and i wasted all my 'luv' people i don't talk to anymore
    ahhh, the difficulty of being eleven
  5. and my piczo
    i LOVED glittery photos. (why did they let me have internet access i was ten)
  6. my random blogspot that still says i'm sixteen
    never got past the theme and bio.
  7. and obvs facebook
    still regretting that.
  8. the blackhole that still is tumblr
    at this point i dont think i can leave, i survived superwholock, i can resist all memes
  9. a twitter i no longer use but wont delete
    just incase i need to... check on a friend... 😳
  10. and instagram
    please, show me your dessert
  11. and now, this
    which I'm already kinda bad at