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She has been dealing directly with some of our apartment problems of late... @mlh
  1. "I have lost a lot of brain cells but I have killed everything"
  2. "If I die in my sleep, please clean my things"
  3. "Wash before use, everything is toxic"
  4. "Toxic!"
  1. Both narcoleptic 'the office' fans
  2. More to come throughout the weekend....
It's been a rough couple days but, in a positive direction, here are a few things I'm looking forward to
  1. First and foremost, feeling better and treating myself better! On to a new chapter of putting myself first.
  2. The love of my life/partner in crime/life partner @mlh coming home to me FINALLY!
  3. Thursday evening sundowner event at work. Kenyan tradition of watching the sunset from the balcony of my work, realizing how lucky we all are to be there.
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Please add to this list if you have any for me, I just finished or am about to finish two of my favorites so, I need advice!
  1. The Wire
  2. The Sopranos
  3. It's Always Sunny (?)
    @mlh I know you are a supporter of this one
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Cards I've won thanks to my friends
  1. Who would outlast everyone else if the group got into a spear throwing fight
  2. Who would "geek out" the most of several hot male celebrities joined out party
  3. Who do you suppose would be the most excited about having bionic leg implants that allow her to jump over small buildings
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  1. She is the most beautiful molly I know...
  2. She is as honest as honest can be...and always in the best way
  3. She teaches me new apps like #listapp!!
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Michael is a goddess
  1. "Is this diy or did you buy this?"
  2. "Nugget has really big balls....he doesn't like when you play with them though...(nugget is my guinea pig)"
  3. "Did YOU give him a bone today?"
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