Why I Love Brunette Molly

  1. She is the most beautiful molly I know...
  2. She is as honest as honest can be...and always in the best way
  3. She teaches me new apps like #listapp!!
  4. She is a part of any relationship I have had, currently have, and\or will ever have in the future
  5. We went to Hershey park together at age....15?
  6. Every man I've ever met and said, "do you know molly" had said "yes, and I'm in love with her"
    Seriously, I don't think she has ever met any man who hasn't fallen in love with her
  7. She has gotten at least seven marriage proposals in the last year
  8. She dances with my puppy in the best way
  9. She is the most loving,devoted, caring friend I've ever had and I love her to the grave and beyond ❤️