Guilt free & delicious
  1. Amy's light and lean mac and cheese. Does not taste light, nor lean, score.
  2. Garden Lites muffins (frozen organic section). Great with morning coffee- have real shredded veggies in them. Try the carrot berry one- it tastes like carrot cake 👌🏼
  3. Try egg whites and turkey bacon on that bacon egg and cheese. Hot sauce or ketchup to make it more exciting. It satisfies the craving for the real thing... At least until Sunday.
  4. Laughing cow spreadable cheese. So many uses for this one. I am a cheese and cracker fiend at 5pm and this cheese is low fat low cal and tasty. Also good as a spread instead of mayo.
  5. Dunkin donuts egg white veggie flatbread
  6. Skinny cow ice cream bars- salted caramel 👊🏼