Insomnia is the worst
  1. Seems obvious, but no caffeine after 3pm. No stimulants in general.
  2. Instead of trying to set a bedtime try waking up at the same time every morning. The consistency will get you into a healthy sleep/wake cycle. If you follow this schedule you should find that you get tired around the same time nightly.
  3. When you can't fall asleep LEAVE YOUR BED. Go to another room and read a book or do something else (no tv, iphones, or electronics too stimulating). Listen to a podcast or meditate. When you get tired go back to bed and sleep. Your brain needs to learn that the bed is only for sleep and sex. This is how you teach it. It will learn.
  4. Environment: make sure your room is sleep friendly. Comfortable mattress/pillows/blanket. Make sure the temperature is where you want it. Eliminate any sounds or smells that may wake or distract you. If you sleep next to someone make sure there is enough space for both of you to be comfortable. Partner snores? Earplugs.
  5. Melatonin 1/2 hour before bed. Works better for some than others but for me a 3mg capsule is the equivalent to an ambien. 💤
  6. Mindfulness- see previous list about managing anxiety. When anxious thoughts are plaguing you when trying to sleep focus on deep breathing. Don't judge when your mind wanders, refocus on breathing and repeat. Or you could get the sounds of nature app and focus on one of those great sounds. Awesome app. White noise is great for sleep.