Much of our stress is self-inflicted. Chores can suck and you can hate every moment or you can embrace the experience. Here are some tips:
  1. Stay present. When you are washing the dishes, wash the dishes. Don't think about how much you hate doing it or where you would rather be. Focus on the task and fully experience the sensations of water, soap and any other sights/smells around you.
  2. Take pride in every step. Be grateful for each plate that you wash or each piece of clothing you fold. You are lucky to have them.
  3. Listen to music, sing, whatever you need to do to improve the moment. Be careful not to lose the present though. Keep your mind in the moment and on task.
  4. Don't rush. Set aside time to take care of your space. Rushing will lead to resentment and will make this exercise much more challenging.
  5. Take a minute to reflect on the hard work you did and to notice how you feel.
  6. Try this the next time you are doing a chore. Let me know how it goes.