You've been puking for 2 days which means you've made a TON of room. Here's a list of 5 things to make everything bad again
  1. Umami's new Monte Cristo burger
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    That is a vanilla custard donut thing deep fried and called a bun. In the middle is a giant patty of juicy cow wrapped in prosciutto and melted gruyere. It also comes with a drink, maple syrup.
  2. The Bay Cities Godmother
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    This is a whole lot of meat sandwiched between still hot fresh baked bread. There are a couple vegetables that do absolutely nothing nutrition wise but give a really great texture contrast to the 4 layers of thick, creamy cheese. Also you better be wearing a smock because there is sauce. A ton of sauce.
  3. Mitsuwa Santouka's Pork Ramen
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    Okay so whether you had the flu or not this dish is gonna make you VOM in the best kind of way. The broth is pure oil and the sliced pork is mostly chewy fat goodness. There is bamboo involved here to all my health freakZ looking to get super veggied while simultaneously gaining 10 or so pounders. There are also noodles but they're just a vehicle honestly
  4. Mud Hen Tavern's Chicken and Waffle Croquettes
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    So if you don't have gout/are already dead by the time you've gotten here to good ol número 4 then you're in luck because there is still fried food to be eaten. Honestly I can't even really tell you what are in these bad boys but from what my mouth understands: chicken inside of waffle batter, deep fried, drenched in a spicy maple and bacon sauce. They've also got really nice bathrooms which, trust me, is great news after these tiny heaven balls.
  5. Versailles Garlic Chicken
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    Buff guys, this ones for you. I'm talkin PROTEIN and lots of it. Here we've got some seriously greasy and garlicky chicken PLUS some seriously f'ed up good rice and beans that were definitely cooked in some really great lard. This dish will also make your breath STANK because for some reason they top it all off with giant slices of raw onions which I don't get at all but mad respect for the cubanos at Versailles doing them and taking chances. That's ART baby