Comin to ya LIVE from a real life classroom
  1. The Dancer
    She/he is trying to figure out if you are a mirror or a real life human being. Is not interpretive dancing to what you are saying but is actually choreographing an intricate piece in their head. *Note: typically wearing weird goodwill sweatpants from the 90's and pleather boots
  2. The Fine Artist
    Typically wearing all black or all white (but NEVER mixed). Has very little to say because they know way more than you do about everything and you suck. If you're not smoking an American Spirit or badly dancing to electro pop don't even think about talking to them. They all have tattoos/give tattoos/talk about tattoos/know everything more than you do about tattoos so don't even bother
  3. The Theatre Student
    We hear you coming from a mile away.
  4. The Music Student
    Typically really, really chill with or without the use of marijuana. Actually it's pretty confusing as to how a group of people get so chill and would like to know their secret. *Note: I suffer from ADD and OCD and being a high maintenance Jewish woman so if you know the secret of "The Musician" please contact me as soon as possible thank you
  5. The Writer
    We all know you have an opinion about politics/gender/capitalist America/housing issues/every other thing that is obviously wrong with our country which could be why "The Writer" will silently judge until they know for sure you are a Democrat. You can typically spot them at any gallery night with an entire bottle of Jameson doing something very sexual with another human (or multiple) (gender disregarded)