Because it's 2015.
  1. A universally agreed upon quantity at which to sell hotdogs and their respective buns.
    Seriously, America? You have multiple holidays that center around the consumption of these food items, but you sell hotdogs in 8 and their buns in 12. This means you have to plan in multiples of 24 to avoid wasting hotdogs/buns, and this is never a way anyone should have to think
  2. A way to close ALL OPEN APPS on an iPhone
    Apple, you have created a watch that can sync with a device inside one's body to track the glucose levels of a type one diabetic, but you haven't figured out THIS yet? (Note: if this is actually something that exists and I am unaware, please someone help)
  3. Leap years
    How much would really change without February 29th, every four years? I know the older brother of my childhood classmate wouldn't be born, but would we really be worse off? Can't we just tack on a few seconds to every day? What would we call that time? Suggestions are very much welcome here.
  4. How to find a McDonalds without veering off course while using Google Maps
    I'm driving back to my mom's house in Connecticut and sure could use a crispy ranch snack wrap (see future list: reasons why there shouldn't be any snack wrap variations), hey Google, can you find me a McDonalds along my route? NO, replies Google, and I simultaneously veer into oncoming traffic.
  5. Who A is
    I'm ashamed to admit this is on here but regardless of the fact that I am a 26 year old adult, I still very much watch this ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars made specifically for tweenage girls and really need to know. I think @lauracamrein and @erinmac would also agree that this is something we really ought to have found out by now.