In absolutely no particular order
  1. How tall is Matt Lauer?
  2. Does my hair smell?
    I play jump rope with the line that separates clean hair from dirty hair. Come Thursday, my head is like 20% hair, 80% battiste dry shampoo.
  3. Is this skirt too short for work?
    Can be substituted with "is this top too sheer"/"are these pants too tight"/"are these shoes too slutty"/"will I ever full grasp the parameters of a business casual dress code?"
  4. Did I set the coffee timer?
  5. Will Sam be working the register at Starbucks so I can get an extra shot for free?
    Usually a direct result of realizing the answer to the above question is a staunch no. Shoutout to sam for getting me through some dark (read: slightly hungover) mornings
  6. Am I going to be late?
  7. Is that smell coming from the trash?
  8. Do I have time for this?/when is my bus coming?
    I am my most productive in the morning and am often confined by the constraints of public transportation. Things I forgo due to time include: brushing my teeth (I do this at work 4/5 days), brushing my hair (I do this always 0/5 days) and packing a lunch (I do this only on days where salmon special C isn't a thing at the sushi place next door).
  9. I wonder where Savannah's dress is from.
    Does anyone watch anything other than the today show?
  10. Am I going to be late?
  11. When is my Skimm coming?
    Sometimes this gem of a daily newsletter comes at 7 and sometimes it creeps into my mailbox at noon
  12. Should I watch this before work?
    As pointed out by @lauracamrein, I often watch/read/see things that make me emotional before work. Today it was Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY speech. Yesterday it was a laundry detergent commercial.
  13. Am I going to be late?