You'd think this list would be an admission but he doesn't yet have this ap.
  1. Consistent dental care
    I have watched my boyfriend floss more times this week than I have in my life. Also he never uses "but I'm already under the covers" as a viable reason not to brush his teeth before bed.
  2. Keeping secrets
  3. Befriending strangers
    I'm convinced his red hair has some sort of magnetic pull. But maybe it's just because he's nicer than me.
  4. Recovering from a hangover
    Again, must be the magical red hair
  5. Eating tacos
    I used to pride myself in my ability to eat copious amount of tacos, but Jeremy has really proven my skills inferior. I do have a leg up on him in that I am admittedly better at digestion in general than he is. See my next list: reasons why I am the superior partner.
  6. Running
    Not just in a "boys are faster than girls" sort of way, but in a "I won't train, and then I'll go to a beer drinking festival, only to wake up the next morning and run a half marathon" sort of way. This used to be my only athletic ability and now it is no longer.
  7. Patience
  8. Washing dishes
    I use the fact that I cook all the meals as an excuse to avoid dishes, but really I just hate sponge hands.
  9. Enjoying PBS shows
    This one I'm okay with.
  10. Waltzing
    I'm just not meant to follow.