I couldn't list *all the things* - but here is a list of some of them
  1. I'm tall
    5'9 and 3/4
  2. If not entirely in song, some part of the voicemail I leave you will be sung
  3. I had this as a profile pic
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    They are all me.
  4. I am always down to photobomb
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    Friends, strangers, random news reporters. Disney world, weddings, group photos. All. -- I'll do it on my own, and I'll join you when you want a buddy.
  5. I will likely point out your own weirdness to you
    Depending on you, this might initially make you feel insecure. It would be good for you to know that I am never mean-spirited when I do this. I probably find whatever you did funny or endearing. Which leads me to my next two points.
  6. You will become more comfortable with your weirdness
    Yours, mine, maybe the world's.
  7. I am kind
    Some people mistake my kindness for sarcasm or being mean, but that's usually be those people are sarcastic or mean. I am sincere. I can be sarcastic too. It is one element of my sense of humor. Which leads me to my next thankful bullet.
  8. I am funny
    Not everyone gets it, but when you are the person who gets it -- you get that I'm very funny.
  9. I met Punxsutawney Phil
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    Drove 14 hours to spend the night (sleep 3 hours) on a movie theater floor ((called the crash pad)) (cost 5$ each) woke up at 3am to meet up with people we met who showed us the "Groundhog Day ropes"-- stood outside for 4 hours in 4-- I repeat- 4degree weather. So much here. You'll have to see the compilation video I made. Best worst road trip of my life. I'm better for it.
  10. I acknowledge if I'm late or I mess something up// acknowledge the inconvenience to the other person
    Instead of trying to breeze past it and hope they will forget
  11. I will massage trade my friends
    Yes I love massages and yes I'm also great at them. AND - if you are not a touch person and let me know I will make efforts to accommodate that in our friendship. (It's nice if you do the same too but obviously not required) we probably won't be as close, though, if it's just me always trying to meet you when you are and not reciprocated, ya know? Up to you.
  12. I will probably smell or try any food
    Even when someone says "omg this smells/tastes terrible " -- some part of me is compelled to try it . Maybe it's the novelty of it, maybe it's the shared experience that comes from trying it and agreeing "yes... It does indeed smell/taste BAD"
  13. I've got your back-
    If we are together in public and you see someone whose name you can't remember, but should know- I will introduce myself and ask their name for you in order for you to save face and avoid a potentially awkward situation.