more 🎶 about 🌆 and 🍱
  1. This morning you were ready to give up and settle for a dingbat with vinyl floors
  2. Then you saw it, the most beautiful place in the world
  3. Suddenly you are in love, making plans for the future, feeling manic
  4. High on romance but also anxious and crazed. What if it's not mutual?!!
  5. You have lunch at a place nearby and overhear a guy near you showing his friends pictures of a place he just saw.
  6. It's THE place
  7. You hear him mention "the exposed brick" and you know it's the one. He is showing his friends the listing.
  8. You feel like Amazing Amy witnessing her husband recycling a spontaneous romantic gesture on another woman. LIVID and also vaguely embarrassed.
  9. You thought you were special. You thought you were the only one they showed the exposed brick.
  10. You feel like an exposed brick.