Starting 12/7
  1. Monday
    Last week on the glamour magazine I was able to successfully guess all Kardashian sisters by pictures of their eyes. This week I did it by their lips. Oddly impressed with myself? Bonus: the restaurant I went to before seeing the Punch Brothers had a really nice bathroom
  2. Tuesday
    The fingerprint ID on my phone started working again
  3. Wednesday
    Same sour cream thing as last week
  4. Thursday
    Something something chocolate cake
  5. Friday
    Last Friday take out mozzarella sticks of the semester. Like I'm happy I ate mozzarella sticks, but I'm also happy I won't again for a while
  6. Saturday
    Spent $8 at Starbucks so I'll get 3 bonus stars. Bonus: Nellie stole 2 cookies when no one was looking which sounds adorable