in no particular order
  1. The Betrayal (The Backwards Episode)
  2. Any B plot featuring David Puddy
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    "You're just going to sit there staring at the back of a seat?!"
  3. Jerry's acting
  4. 🎶My baby takes the morning train🎶
  5. all of this:
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  6. These pretzels are making ME thirsty!
  7. Seinfeld and candy: Twix, Junior Mints, Jujy Fruits, Pez
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  9. George "T-Bone" Costanza
  10. Seinfeld, four!
  11. The Millennium
  12. Have you seen a tall, lanky doofus with a bird face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein?
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  13. Elaine Benes: Pro-Choice Warrior
  14. The following boyfriends/girlfriends/dates: The Wiz, the Close Talker, Dolores/Mulva, Two-Face Girl, Kevin (Bizarro Jerry)
  15. Omg this:
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  16. "Get well,😐 get well soon,😐we want you to get well..."
  17. Vegetable Lasagna
  18. George Steinbrenner yelling "Hire this man!"
  19. 😍
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