I like reality television and I like men. I'm only embarrassed about some of these.
  1. Justin Bobby (The Hills)
    Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach and I DID wanna be calling that my boyfriend
  2. Malcolm (Survivor)
    Malcolm will always be the one who got away
  3. Scott Conant (Chopped, a variety of Food Network shows)
    I love literally everything about Scott Conant!!!!!!
  4. Mark (literally the first ever season of Road Rules/so many subsequent Challenges)
    I liked Mark because during my prime Challenge watching years he was older and wiser and less of a dick than everyone else, and he still looked so good. Most importantly, though, he was the only one who was competitive in the spelling bee challenges
  5. Wells (The Bachelorette)
    I told my friend Nina that I was becoming convinced that Wells was my guy and she literally said "I actually had the same thought for you!!"
  6. Woo (Survivor)
    Woo is extraordinarily beautiful inside and out!!!
  7. Max Joseph (Catfish)
    Is fluent in Portuguese.
  8. Randy Fenoli (Say Yes to the Dress)
    Look, I know Randy's gay. But I feel strongly that we could live happily ever after with a bunch of dogs and some kind of loose companionship arrangement
  9. Constantine Maroulis (American Idol)
    It cannot be overstated how heavily 15-year-old me was into this guy
  10. Slade Smiley (Real Housewives of Whatever, etc)
    I'm sorry.