You just have to imagine them
  1. Nicolas Cage in the test costume for Superman Lives, his ill fated Man of Steel collaboration with Kevin Smith
  2. A triptych of Prince Harry when he had that good beard, coming off of a helicopter or something
  3. A separate triptych of Prince Harry with that same good beard, but this time with a hard hat that says "Harry" and work clothes, probably at a charity build or similar
  4. A still from Gilmore Girls where Luke and Lorelai are standing under the chuppah Luke made for Lor with their backs to the camera
  5. A picture of me and my grandmother from the last Christmas we had with her
  6. My cousin Eden, at approximately 6 years old, making a sassy face beyond her years, and wearing giant sunglasses and a bright pink poofy dress up skirt as a headpiece
  7. A black and white still of George Stephanopoulos and James Carville in The War Room, where George has on that sexy oversized denim jacket
  8. A still from Where the Wild Things are, at the end when Douglas has that stick arm to the replace the one he lost
  9. My favorite Motivational Coach Taylor meme, in which he's yelling "IS YOUR DISSERTATION ABOUT NETFLIX? THEN TURN OFF NETFLIX"