After spending 10 days with 12 yogis in the deep echelons on the Indian Himalayas, we were in deep. Powerless to the zen. Defenceless to hippy pants. Engulfed in pranayama. Undistracted by i-anythings. Conversation got deep.
  1. The chakras are very intelligent. They're like the software of the computer body.
  2. I can't discuss the Yama right now. I need to pick up my purified sapphire to align my chakras. My astrologer in Jaipur told me.
  3. Because of my flawless mudline hugging in the Gamuda, I've managed to bypass several lifetimes.
  4. Can you believe some people choose to wear Lululemon? It's so western.
  5. Don't look out at The Ganga, look within!
  6. Yoga is not a work out, it's a work in.
  7. You can't stand in the way of the soul. It goes where it needs to go, we are its dutiful shadow
  8. Hug the Banyan tree. It means good sex for a year.