Guilty pleasures

Wow I'm lame
  1. Singing along to the Dixie Chicks or the Lizzy McGuire Movie Soundtrack
    Does this actually count as two?
  2. Any kind of baked good before it's cooked
    Screw salmonella
  3. Drawing sexy mermaids
  4. Hanging out at Petco and looking at the fish and then the gerbils
  5. Sudukos
    I do them in pen for a real challenge
  6. Stacking/balancing whatever's on a table
  7. Stopping at those scenic pull over spots on the highway to take pictures
    80% of my phone is pictures of pretty mountains and plant-y things
  8. Discussing things with Astro, my dog companion
    He actually knows what I'm saying
  9. Reading comment sections
  10. Not eating breakfast until lunchtime
  11. Breaking the thin layer of ice on top of puddles when it gets cold