1. The big dipping
    How’s that buying-the-dip working out? Wall Street’s 2016 washout continued unabated, taking down Amazon, Netflix and almost everything in between. http://www.reuters.tv/UYi/
  2. Arresting developments
    China ushered in 2016 by officially arresting six young human rights lawyers, which feels anti-climactic since it had already detained them for six months. http://www.reuters.tv/XE5
  3. The end of the L.A. bluff
    Now that the NFL officially has a team in L.A. again, franchises will have to find a new threat to squeeze their hometowns for more money. http://www.reuters.tv/XB9/
  4. Hope springs in Spain
    Spain’s young people have been defined by a wrenching financial crisis. But in former boomtown Villanueva, a new political future may be taking shape. http://www.reuters.tv/XBl/
  5. High tech at the low end
    We know it sounds strange, but Ford’s Fusion and the Mercedes E-Class have something in common: top-of-the-line technology in lower-priced cars. http://www.reuters.tv/XEi