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  1. Oh my baby cat my baby baby baby cat
  2. You're such a beautiful little girl! But that's not what defines you you're also smart and weird and scared.
  3. Look at you you fluffy Shetland pony
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Because, yes, I am qualified to make this assessment.
  1. The one where Nancy goes to jail
    Ok, this isn't the best game per se... but something about Ned calling Nancy in her jail cell and saying, "How are you Nance?" and her answering, "Not well, Ned," just gets me every damn time 😂
  2. The one where Nancy stays at a haunted kyoto
    I played this game for the first time at age 23 with two full glasses of wine and the first time I saw the ghost I legitimately screamed. Bonus points for music and character development.
  3. The one where Nancy goes to a preppy all-girls boarding school
    Ohhh this one is fabulous. The only thing that would make it better is if she actually infiltrated a clique of girls instead of just the school.
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  1. created an Instagram account for my sister's cat
  2. begun opening every single snapchat discover story every single day and reading it in its entirety
  3. marathoned all of the Bring It On movies
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  1. The Carrie Diaries
    I know, I know.
  2. Switched at Birth
    With the awful awful kid from Gilmore Girls
  3. Hannah Montana
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(That are pretty necessary for survival)
  1. Taxes in any form. It feels like a trig class except with no professor and no practice problems and if you fail you go to jail so
  2. Unclog a toilet
  3. Transfer data from an old phone to a new phone without losing something vital like contacts or my sanity
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  1. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she was gonna hook up with him as Toby the lawn mower
  2. When he was singing at that "high all the time" girl and she kept smiling at him like they have this secret or something
  3. When he unnecessarily HUGGED her after the song finished
  4. Every time he showed his face and I was reminded that others also get to see it