I just went through my first break up- it was devastating, heartbreaking, painful. And this is some stuff that's made me feel better.
  1. Cry. A lot.
    Crying always makes you feel better; scream and wail if you need to.
  2. Shower.
    Sometimes the most soothing thing is just being clean, sitting under scalding water. You'll feel vulnerable at first, but it will heal you.
  3. Read poetry.
    Anything from Emily Dickinson to Rupi Kaur. Sometimes poets put things into words you can't articulate; let them. It's their jobs. Just absorb the words.
  4. Listen to sad music, then happy music.
    Listen to as many break up songs as you can when you're sobbing in your bed and it feels like your heart is on the floor. Then, when your eyes dry, listen to happy music that don't explicitly have anything to do with love. It'll help.
  5. Work out.
    Exercise is the best cathartic experience. Sweat out some pain.
  6. Meditate.
    Do this only when your mind has calmed, it will soothe your sadness and ease the pain in your soul.
  7. Eat, if you can.
    When I went through my break up I couldn't eat, I was sick with heartbreak. But eat if you can, and eat food that makes you feel good about yourself and heals your soul.
  8. Focus.
    Focus on things that matter to you in the moment. Stay busy. You'll feel productive, I promise.
  9. Forgive.
    I wrote him a letter forgiving him and thanking him for our relationship. He wrote me one back doing the same. It was freeing, healing, and has helped me immensely in not feeling quite as sad.