Suddenly I'm into the idea of a 30-day challenge... They seem fun and rewarding. Have you done any that are good?
  1. 30 days of yoga with Adriene
    I just started this today and I'm really excited because it's the first yoga video I've done where I don't get distracted every few seconds. This is the inspiration for this list because if I can get excited for 30 days of yoga maybe I can get excited for 30 days of other things.
  2. The Whole 30
    I know people who really love it, but I would miss french fries a lot, but maybe it's worth it?
  3. 30 days of cookies
    🍪 a new cookie each day 🍪
  4. 30 days of reading a book
    I'm really bad at reading books consistently because I usually just read/look at things on the Internet when I want to read, but when I force myself into reading a book I never regret it
  5. 30 days of salads
  6. 30 Days of Crushes
    Aka Life on Dating Apps
    Suggested by @lilydiamond