Today I misread @mindy's "a few great beards" and was pleasantly surprised to find beards, but then I still had bread on my brain! 😛🍞🍞
  1. Challah
    Freshly baked challah with butter and salami, oh slay me. My go-to recipe is Food52's ( and when I'm in NY, I love the one at Breads Bakery, it's so cloud-like. I also used to like bringing sandwiches to school on Zomick's whole wheat challah rolls.
  2. Hokkaido milk bread
    I would sleep in a bed made of it any day. It's got a softness rating of 💯 and the scrambled egg sandwiches on milk bread at Australia Dairy Company and Hokkaido Dairy Farm in Hong Kong are TURNT.
  3. Pumpkin Bread
    Well, it's basically cake, but if we call it bread that gives us permission to eat another slice, right? This is the best pumpkin bread recipe in the world:
  4. Kubaneh
    A fluffy buttery Yemenite bread that's traditionally cooked low and slow overnight for Shabbat breakfast. I've only had it once, at Timna, in NY, and it was amaAAaazingg.
  5. Lahoh
    Another Yemeni bread, this one's a flatbread that is fermented a bit. I've had it folded up with cheese and veggies, a little like a sourdough crepe.
  6. Mahlouach
    Omg another Yemeni flatbread. This one is layered and so buttery and addictive. Here's a recipe that I plan on making soon:
  7. Focaccia
    Never met a focaccia I didn't like
  8. Brioche
    I've been burned by some dry brioches before, but when it's buttery enough and doughy enough (like the one at Eggslut), I'm done for.
  9. Everything at Josef Bakery, in Vienna
    Josef's bread is magical. It's deliciously crusty on the outside and soft yet sturdy on the inside. It fights back *just the right amount* when you bite into it and there is so much flavor.
  10. Israeli Pita
    I can't believe the difference between store bought pita and freshly made Israeli pita, they are like two totally different foods. My NY favorites are at Hummus Place and Soomsoom. I also love the pita at Mizrahi Grill (Illinois), Shaya (New Orleans), and everywhere in Israel.
  11. Soft Pretzels
    Once I worked up the courage to use food-grade lye when making them from scratch, I felt like I had conquered the world. It makes such a difference.
  12. Chocolate Bread
    Specifically the one at Bakeri, in BK. It is so 🍫🍫🍫
  13. Orange Juice Bread
    Idk if this is a real thing but when I was little my mom would always make basic white bread but add orange juice to the dough. The slight citrusy sweetness worked!
  14. A fresh baguette in Paris.
    Gets me every time.
    Suggested by @josh
  15. Garlic knots!!!