all of the pizza in grand forks, north dakota

for my reference on friday pizza night, and for your reference if you ever find yourself here on friday pizza night (check mark means i've been there)
  1. rhombus guys ✔️
    i like the happy pig and tater tot pizzas, and the happy pig as nachos is great
  2. up north ✔️
    technically in east grand forks, minnesota, just like me
  3. toasted frog ✔️
    fancy pizza, but you don't usually have room for it after all of the cheesy pickles
  4. green mill
    husband went on a failed date here a decade ago, i've heard they have chicago style pizza
  5. slap shot
    hockey themed, near the hockey arena
  6. the bun ✔️
    a dive bar with pizza corner pizza, which is a locally made brand of pizza that you can also get at the grocery store and it's so good i don't even get mad when it gets cut into *squares*
  7. happy joe's
    they have taco pizza!
  8. marco's
    near the gym. one friday i'm gonna have a good workout and then ruin it all with marco's.
  9. spicy pie ✔️
    they sell pizza by the slice which is not common in grand forks. usually the crust is a little undercooked and doughy, which i love, it makes it easier to fold in half.
  10. papa john's near the hugo's
  11. papa murphy's ✔️
    it's a take n bake place
  12. 100000 degrees ✔️
    one of those "like chipotle but for pizza" places
  13. pizza ranch
  14. little caesar's
  15. pizza hut
  16. domino's ✔️
  17. italian moon
    charming exterior, a car once bumped into it, buffet where the youth basketball teams go for their end of year parties
  18. popolino's ✔️
    doughy, used to trade pizza for pastries when i worked at the town bakery (rip)
  19. deek's
    "we would have it after track meets because tony worked there"
  20. mike's pizza ✔️
    next to the blue moose! also technically in east grand forks, minnesota. pizza of choice for middle school teachers to celebrate competition wins. update 6/2/17: tried it, once was enough 😬
  21. olive garden?
    does the olive garden sell pizza?
  22. the lou malnati's in our freezer ✔️
    because my mom aced hanukkah this year
  23. mama maria's
    "i have been told by a UND professor who is from new york that it is better than in new york"