They're going to expire well before I can use them all.
  1. Amy Sedaris sprinkles
    from Fishs Eddy
  2. hearts
    from Tuscany
  3. nonpareils
    from Tel Aviv
  4. nonpareils
    from Michael's
  5. raspberry chocolate
    from Portland
  6. codette
    from Tuscany
  7. sundae sprinkles
    from the ice cream section of the grocery store, NOT the baking section
  8. sparkling rainbow sugar
    from King Arthur
  9. random mix
    all of the leftovers in one jar
  10. prop sprinkles
    these have been on a dirty surface and shouldn't be eaten but they come in handy for propping purposes!
  11. a packet of wedding sprinkles
    guests threw rainbow sprinkles at us. (not rice, no way!) this is one of the last remaining packets.
  12. all-natural rainbow sugars
    from India Tree
  13. all-natural carnival mix
    from India Tree. I bought these in bulk, they're awesome.
  14. all-natural nonpareils
    from Whole Foods
  15. gold pearls
  16. gold sugar
  17. expired turmeric sprinkles
  18. caramel sugar
  19. butternut sugar
    so quirky, so good!
  20. these
    ok I'm done