Thx for requesting this, @bjnovak! Some background: I used to collect mustard and had around 100 jars. Last year I Kondo-d it and narrowed my collection down to just a few favorites, which are included here. One mustard is currently missing though and it's Amora Dijon, the best Dijon. I am out.
  1. Mustard Girl honey mustard
  2. Mustard Girl yellow mustard
  3. Zhoug mayo
  4. Sambal oelek
  5. Bbq sauce
    I don't know the brand, I rarely eat barbecue sauce, but I have it because there's one very Midwest-y pizza recipe I'm working on that needs it.
  6. Ketchup
  7. Harissa ketchup
  8. Hellman's mayo
  9. Worcestershire sauce
  10. Magic sesame sauce
    Tahini + sesame oil + soy sauce + honey + crushed red pepper + garlic = I put it on everything
  11. Sriracha
  12. Chipotle Tabasco sauce x 2
  13. Regular Tabasco sauce
    2 large bottles, 8 mini bottles
  14. Raspberry chipotle Tabasco sauce
  15. Tabasco family reserve sauce
  16. Tabasco habanero sauce
  17. Tabasco garlic pepper sauce
  18. Tabasco sweet and spicy sauce
  19. Tabasco buffalo sauce
  20. Tabasco green pepper sauce
  21. Silan x 2
  22. Tahini x 3
    Joyva brand, Soom brand, and Ziyad brand
  23. Soom chocolate tahini spread
    I don't know if this really counts, it's kind of like nutella
  24. Jollay orchards hot apple mustard
    I haven't actually tasted this one yet, so contrary to what I just said in the intro, this isn't one of my favorites. But maybe one day it be.
  25. Jollay orchards honey habanero mustard
    Same with this one
  26. Do nut butters count?
    Almond butter, peanut butter, pb2
  27. Ranch
  28. Hoisin
  29. Soy sauce
  30. Ponzu x 2
  31. Black vinegar
  32. White wine vinegar
  33. Red wine vinegar
  34. Raspberry vinegar
  35. Apple cider vinegar
  36. Apple balsamic
  37. Regular balsamic
  38. Espresso balsamic
  39. Wisconsin maple syrup
  40. Canada maple syrup
  41. Fake maple syrup
  42. Trees knees spicy syrup
  43. Chocolate sauce
  44. Chocolate raspberry sauce
  45. Dijon x 2
    Grey Poupon and Target Market Pantry
  46. Chili oil
  47. Halva spread x 2
    Brooklyn Sesame and Mamon's
  48. Curry paste
    Does this count?
  49. Approx. 12 honeys
    My favorite is a really grainy one from Fosston, MN
  50. Approx. 20 jams
    Including yam jam and a guava jam that @alanakysar gave me. I'm saving it for something extra special!
  51. By definition, apparently spices and salts also count as condiments but I think I might save those for other lists because in my mind, spices, salts, and sauces are three totally different food groups.