as requested by @josh, although technically the farmstead is one mile outside of grand forks, north dakota, in east grand forks, minnesota ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. our wheat fields smell like pizza
  2. no traffic
  3. tater tots are plentiful
    as are the stacks of old church cookbooks that tell me how to use them
  4. pizza nights on the tractor
    and just generally riding in the buddy seat of a tractor on friday nights during harvest. usually i bring out pizza, but other times i bring out lentil soup or scones.
  5. farm cats
    i am allergic, but they are goofy and fluffy and good at catching mice. our cats are called: sven, ole, junior, and jinxie.
  6. our town olive garden is the marilyn hagerty olive garden
  7. sugar beet harvest
    the whole town helps out and little chunks of white sugar beets get scattered around the streets and it feels like magical snow. sugar beet harvest goes for 24 hours/day, so at night you can look out over the fields and see dots of tractor lights everywhere.
  8. the tradition
    the farm has been around for 140 years! it used to be a dairy farm, and then i think it was a potato farm, and now it is mainly sugar beets and wheat.
  9. everybody in town eats a lot of cheese
    and at night we go out for fried cheesy pickles and they are so tasty.
  10. there is space for a very large pizza oven in our backyard
    and a chicken coop and batting cage and perhaps a sauna.
  11. my in-laws live across the street
    and sometimes my father-in-law knocks on our door for one small bite of whatever cake i am baking that day. his favorite is chocolate cake.
  12. one day i'm going to take over one of our grain bins and turn it into a secret cake bakery
  13. snow is pretty
    and not all dirty and slushy-like and if you never want to walk around in it, you don't have to bc everyone has a car, so you can just look at it and enjoy it and stay inside and bake cookies all day.
  14. driving in a car with m.p.r.
    ❤️ garrison keillor ❤️
  15. if i ever need anything fixed, there is about a 100% chance that the tool needed to fix it is lying around the farm
  16. it's so quiet
  17. we have two apple trees and one rhubarb patch!
  18. i never have a hard time deciding which bakery to go to because we only have one
    and it's GREAT
  19. the itsy bitsy 70-person towns on the way from grand forks to fargo
    especially the one where the only business is a strip club
  20. our town pizza parlor has a secret menu option where you can order any pizza as nachos
  21. there is space for my homies to come and visit
  22. sry this list is very pizza centric
  23. AMA