Help, my garden is overrun with cucumbers and 1) I only like pickles a medium amount, and 2) I can only make so many cucumber noodles before I start hating the world and craving real noodles. What should I make???
  1. A spa day with a cucumber mask?
  2. Juice?
    What else should I put in it?
  3. A yogurty sauce
    For chickens or perhaps falafel?
  4. Israeli salad
    Too bad my tomatoes won't be ripe for another few weeks 😬
  5. Fried things?
    Do cucumbers fry well?? Do you know the answer to this, @eatthelove?
  6. Soup?
    Do cucumbers go well in soup? Are cucumbers even good served warm??
  7. A cocktail???????
    I don't know anything about cocktails, someone plz help
  8. Cucumber drinks for sure, muddled with vodka and mint
    Suggested by @sally
  9. Cucumber salad, very thinly sliced with white vinegar, sugar, +/- red onion, +/- dill (also works with white vinegar, lime juice, jalapeño, cilantro)
    Suggested by @sally
  10. Make-your-own pickles!
    Cukes + vinegar + salt water + garlic + spices!
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  11. Suggested by @ChrisK