things i'd like to grow in my garden this year. i'd love your suggestions! and if you have any recs for good places to order seeds online, send em my way 😊 thanks!!!
  1. english cucumbers
  2. persian cucumbers
  3. yellow onions
  4. purple onions
  5. little tomatoes
    chocolate tomatoes?
  6. big tomatoes
    romas? beefsteak?
  7. radishes
    the really pretty ombré ones, what are those called?
  8. basil
  9. mint
    going to plant it around my chicken run because apparently it is good for the chickens in some way
  10. rosemary
  11. cilantro
  12. parsley
  13. chives
  14. scallions
  15. garlic
  16. potatoes
  17. squash
    but just a few
  18. jalapeños
  19. ginger?
  20. turmeric?
    i have a hunch that it doesn't do well in my climate, but i'll have to research that
    they are a pain to wash and 😭 bugs
  22. dill
    just enough for a couple batches of matzo ball soup
  23. rainbow carrots
  24. caper berries?