1. put conditioner in before shampoo
  2. tweeted about this app
    but @dev kept me in check. sorry/thanks, @dev !
  3. dragged my friends to the honky tonk on thursday for bull riding
    it turns out that bull riding only happens on fridays and saturdays
  4. went out on sunday during a tornado warning in search of rattlesnake sausage
    it turns out that rattlesnake sausage isn't served on sundays
  5. drank bourbon and then painted my nails
  6. played a few wrong vibraphone notes very loudly
  7. ate a cheese and mayo sandwich
    i guess that's not a real mistake
  8. butt-dialed my old percussion teacher before sunrise, on facetime
  9. drank the rest of the bourbon and forgot about it until i went to add some to my rice krispies treats